Children’s ministry at Rumson Presbyterian Church is a blessing and joy in the life of our congregation! Our children are taught the Christian faith, worship with us, and bless us with their presence. We welcome our children as one would welcome Christ in their midst.

Because we place such a high priority on our children, we work hard to have a strong children’s ministry program. This program is led by our Nurture Commission, along with volunteer adults in the congregation who serve as teachers and helpers with our children.


(a.k.a. church school)

Rotation Sensation is the foundation of our children’s ministry program. Every Sunday our children attend Rotation Sensation and learn and grow in their faith. After many years of “traditional” Sunday education, we decided to make a switch in the spring of 2003. Our Nurture Commission visited the Point Pleasant Church to see their WoRM (Workshop Rotation Model) Church School and we loved it! During Lent of 2003 we tried it out for ourselves, and have fully implemented this program.

The idea is easy: focus on a new Bible lesson every 3-5 weeks and “rotate” between different classrooms each week, learning the same lesson each week but with a different twist. We bought 8 computers, set up a computer lab (we call it The Church Mouse), built a stage, put in a large-screen TV, stocked the kitchen, and are making puppets! Our children and our adults LOVE this new idea and way of doing church school.

The coolest thing about this new way of doing church school is all the information is online, so we are part of a virtual community of hundreds of other churches doing the same thing, and we can share information and get information much quicker, and be in community with other churches doing the same things! We also SAVE money on curriculum, and can use that money instead for cool stuff like videos, computer CDs, art supplies, puppets, etc.! Want to see more information online? Check out and

Our new church school is such a success that we just cannot call it church school anymore. . . so, we had a contest, and the winning new name was ROTATION SENSATION, which is really what church school now is, rotations that are sensational!!! Join us, and join in the excitement of learning and growing together in your faith with our children!!!!

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During worship childcare is provided free of charge in our church nursery. There are two rooms that make up our nursery, a smaller room with cribs and a changing table for infants, and a larger “play room” for toddlers. Childcare is provided every Sunday morning, year-round and also during some holiday evening services and special church programs. Our church nursery is staffed by volunteers and paid high-school youth during special events. For security, our littlest members are signed in and out of the church nursery at each visit by their parents and a record is kept of each time the room is open.

Our children begin learning about mission early! Each year our children sponsor a country and the mission work there through the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Our children learn about the country we are sponsoring through special activities that focus on culture and the mission work the church is doing in that area. We sponsor a different country each year, in a different region of the world so our children learn about different parts of God's creation and the varieties of people God created.

Please see Oak Leaves for updates.

Our children are welcome in worship, and we celebrate their presence with us! Every Sunday during the school year there is a children’s sermon, when all children are encouraged to come to the front of the sanctuary and participate in worship. After the children’s sermon, the children are dismissed with their teachers to Sunday school. We encourage our parents to teach their children about worship, to bring them into the sanctuary early in the year, to walk around it and explain the various parts of the sanctuary to them. Worship books for children are in the pew racks to explain the various parts of the worship service to them and bulletin inserts for children are available each Sunday. We have special children’s communion on communion Sundays and family communion Sundays a few times a year. Our children share in the leadership of worship as acolytes, scripture readers, and music leaders as we worship together as a God’s family.

At Rumson Presbyterian Church, we support our parents. Parents of children are kept well informed of programs for their children and their feedback on our programs is vital. Our parents support us with their service and prayers, and we work hard to keep parents aware of ideas and activities to make God’s presence known not just on Sunday mornings but throughout the week at home as well.

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