The Congregational Life Committee tries to bring members of the congregation together in a friendly and relaxed way so that they can get to know one another outside of church services. We have coffee, conversation and a bite to eat after Sunday service (called the Spiritual Café). Other activites include: Harvest dinners and picnics in the Oak Grove; trips to a museum or a ball game . . . these are just some of the ways we try to bring people from our congregation and community together. We always welcome people who want to help with any of our events.

Our annual June All-Church Picnic in the Oak Grove

Spiritual Café

This year Wilson Hall became the Spiritual Café. After Sunday service we will have our coffee, tea and treats in the new Spiritual Café. Coffee will be hosted by team captains who will plan the food to be served each Sunday. The team captains are in place but they will be looking for anyone who would like to help on a particular Sunday by bringing a baked good, helping with the Café, set-up or the clean-up. The current schedule is listed in the Spiritual Café Calendar of Events. The small group planning this is open to anyone. If you would like to become part of it call the Church office at 732-842-0429.


Small Group Ministry

Three years ago a team emerged and began laying the groundwork on which a continuing small group ministry at our church would be built. Itís purpose was to: discover and experience Christís model of discipleship where members are invited to explore their own unique spiritual journey in a caring and supportive small group community. The following goals were identified that would be the guides to building community through small group participation:

  • To grow in our relationship with God and each other, recognizing that small groups are Godís model, demonstrated to us by Christ.
  • To experience love and support as we grow in our commitment to God and each other.
  • To learn how the power of God is at work in our lives, moving us toward wholeness.
  • To strengthen our partnership with God through prayer and worship so that we may be empowered to follow Godís call in our lives.

A congregational survery was completed by our members and several areas of interest were identified. These included: Fellowship groups, study/content groups, task-oriented groups, and support groups. Ten topics ranked highest with the first being, ďDiscovering how to live simply in an anxious world.Ē

We have explored many topics in small groups: Living Simply, The Art of Forgiveness, Dead Man Walking (movie and discussion group), Spiritual Reading groups, Creative Aging, Contemporary Worship, and several Bible studies. New groups continue to emerge and we expect that many more ideas will be unleashed as our congregation grows in its understanding of being transformed by the renewal of our minds as well as our hearts . . . this is not a program, but rather a tool that brings people together to learn and discover meaningful relationships with Christ and one another.

Join us as we demonstrate this model of effective small groups which will help shape who we are, and show us how to love one another, as we deal with the priorities of God, our spouses, families, signifigant others, and our work. We are prayerful as we continue to explore this ministry; that lives will be touched and people equipped to experience Christís love.

Click here to view current groups under formation or already in process in pdf format.


This window is part of a set depicting Abraham's life.

The Abraham window entitled "Trust and Obey" was given in memory of her "loved ones" by Betty Mallon in 1996.

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