Denominational Homepage for our denominationís website, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Homepage for our presbytery, the Monmouth Presbytery. Homepage for our synod, the Synod of the Northeast. Homepage for the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program. Website for emerging worship. This is a type of worship we are working to bring to our congregation with our Celebration Service. This is the website for congregational health ministires. Take a look and see how you can be more healthful and how this relates to YOUR faith. Website for the Presbyterian News Services. Log on and see what sorts of things Presbyterians are up to in the news today. Also lets you know about news and happenings around our country and world that Persbyterians are making!
Youth Ministry A website of spiritual practices for teenagers, we use this book in our confirmation class. Homepage for Camp Johnsonburg, a Presbyterian camp in Northwest New Jersey that is owned by the Presbyterian churches in New Jersey. They run youth retreats on weekends during the school-year we go to, our womenís group retreats there every January, and they run an extensive overnight summer camp program for children and youth that many of our families go to.
Childrenís Ministry Homepage of the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School. This is the method we use for our church school, Rotation Sensation. Sunday Software is a Christian software company run by Neil MacQueen, a Presbyterian minister in Ohio. This is where we order the software we use in our computer lab with our children and youth. Neil also has some fantastic articles on his site about Christian education and children. This is also the place to buy the CD-ROM programs your children use during church school so they can continue the learning at home! Webpage for biblical comic books., from whom we purchase our educational CD-ROMs for church school, are collaborating with this company to bring new ideas for children's ministry. You can read online children's comic books of biblical characters on this site along with online games.
Other Tom Bandy came to consult with us in the spring of 2002. This is the homepage for his ministry consulting firm: Easum, Bandy, and Associates. They have many interesting articles and information posted on their site. A website of interactive and post-modern Christian faith. Lots of good things here and an interesting virtual community. A website hub of alternative Christian practices and post-modern Christian information and resources.


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