At Rumson Presbyterian Church, we all have the opportunity to participate in the mission work of the church. There are many ways we can do this individually, as families, and through the mission outreach efforts the church is involved with and supports. We have been richly blessed and can share our gifts with others in our community and around the globe. We also partner with other organizations in assisting them with shared goals.

Youth working for Habitat for Humanity in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Youth sorting food at the Food Depot in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photos of our youth group's Summer 2005 mission trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico who were engaged in feeding and housing ministries.

  Interfaith Hospitality Network — Monmouth County (A Family Promise Program) is a cooperative endeavor between community volunteers and social service agencies that work to provide cost effective shelter, food, transportation, and support services for homeless families in Monmouth County. Over the past four years, dozens of families have been assisted in our community. Ten host churches and synagogues along with approximately 1000 volunteers provide temporary shelter and meals for families and assistance through a “first month’s rent” program. About every ten weeks Rumson Presbyterian Church is a “host church” for one week, providing over-night accommodations and meal program along with social hospitality at our church.

Click here for the Calendar of Upcoming Host Dates for Interfaith Hospitality in pdf format.

Upcoming Host Dates for Interfaith Hospitality Network

During the recent past, the Mission Commission has determined that we should make the needs of homeless families a priority. The cost of housing in Monmouth County has risen to a level that it is difficult for many to even get started. With high rent, soaring housing costs, and even sometimes an inability to provide for initial rent and deposits, we are focused on seeking ways to make a difference for those families in need. By utilizing the talents and resources of Rumson Presbyterian Church we seek to enhance the lives of those that can be helped in this way.

First Presbyterian Church of Rumson believes God has called us to serve others through the gifts and blessings God has given us. We invite you to join us in with the Mission Commission in doing so. There are many challenges and opportunities where you can have an impact.

  Photos above: These are photos of a mission week undertaken by Gary Kohler and Bill Brennan, members of the church to Mississippi to work with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Our congregation continues to support this rehabilitation with mission monies and hopefully another mission trip!


Mission Projects Supported by our Church:

Interfaith Hospitality Network 732-495-1050
Habitat for Humanity 732-728-1299
Love in the Name of Christ (Love Inc.) 732-923-0500 
Aslan Youth Ministries 732-741-7824
Parker Clinic (medicine) 732-212-0777
Atlantic City Presbyterian Mission Council1-609-345-5517
HABcore, Inc. 732-291-5310
Community YMCA 732-566-7054
RSVP Food Pantry732-222-6456 
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Worldwide Missions 1-800-872-3283
Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry732-747-0813 

Interfath Hospitality Network Hosting:

To sign up as a host, please contact Jody Sackett at 732-842-4818 or Greg Spicer at 732-747-8417.

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Parmly memorial Window (good Shepherd Window) gift from George Parmly, 1935. Dr. Ehrick Parmly donated the land on which the church is built.